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Facilities of the Mas Ribas rural house in Ventalló

We have all the facilities and services necessary to ensure maximum comfort during your stay.

We want you to enjoy your stay, and to leave with a good taste in your mouth.

Therefore, our work, dedication and motto is that when you arrive at Mas Ribas, you find a clean and welcoming space; where rural tourism continues to have its roots linked to an environment of respect for the land and that coexists with the modernity and comfort of all our facilities.

Because rustic doesn’t have to be at odds with comfort.


Mas Ribas has large outdoor spaces, a 500m2 garden with grass.

The garden is open on the south and west sides that face directly the apple fields, offering the experience of being in direct contact with the farming and daily life of the countryside.

Among the outdoor facilities you will also enjoy a great terrace with pergola, tables, chairs and sun loungers in front of the pool.

On one side of the garden is our small ecological garden where we plant each season, some fruit trees, aromatic plants and our beloved chickens.

In the background are magnificent views of the Montgrí mountain, with its iconic castle at the top.


The pool is open all year round, it has a water cannon that gives it a wellness touch, we usually turn it on only in summer.

It is completely fenced, which makes it very safe for families, who can enjoy it quietly without worrying about the little ones in the house.

It measures 8×5 meters, about 40 m2. With a depth of 1.20m in the shallowest area to 1.50m in the highest. It is a pool treated with salt, so it will take better care of your skin and your swimsuits.

The hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., only for registered personnel.


On one side of the garden, there is a small covered space, where we keep the firewood for the farmhouse fireplace and where there is a barbecue. Optionally, we have firewood and charcoal at your disposal.


Among the facilities that we offer so that you can have a good time at home, you will find a ping pong table, some soccer goals in the grass area, a volleyball net and a basketball basket.

Inside the house there are several multipurpose rooms to rest, read, sit in front of the fireplace or be inspired by its rustic atmosphere and unique decoration.


If you reserve a room, we also give you the possibility of reserving “Shared kitchen use” where you can cook for yourself during your vacation.

If you reserve exclusive use, this installation is of course already included.

Breakfast service

If you reserve a room we give you the option to reserve the buffet breakfast.

A complete breakfast with local and quality products. A selection of typical sausages, cheese. Variety of breads, fruit, honey, butter, jams, milk, vegetable drinks, juices and sweet drinks, teas and infusions. Selection of pastries and cereals. In addition to quality coffee that we will serve you ourselves.

Service hours begin at 8:30 a.m. and the room closes at 10:30 a.m.

In addition, in summer we also offer takeaway pizzas. Ask us about the supplement for these services or visit our reservations section.

Group services

If you reserve exclusive use, ask us about all the facilities and possibilities for your group.

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